Its a very common scenario these days. A home buyer finds the perfect house – at the perfect price, far lower than they had been expecting. Its in a great location and has all these charming details. The only problem is that the paint is peeling, the doors have seen better days and some of the window sills are a bit cracked. There’s nothing structurally wrong with the place but there are a number of things to be taken care of at some point. In other words the house is a handyman special.

Renovating a an older home rather than opting for brand new construction is a growing trend across Australia right now. Often times a homebuyer believes that they will be able to make all of the renovations themselves – it’ll keep them busy at the weekend and YouTube has lots of DIY videos they can follow…

Then reality sets in. Their busy schedules during the week leave them a little too exhausted to start painting walls and replacing window sills on their days off and things are getting done far slower than they planned. And when it comes to the bigger projects they have in mind – replacing the rather dated kitchen cabinets with something newer from the local home store for instance – they quickly find that the YouTube videos are not as much use as they had thought they would be.

There is help at hand in these situations though in the form of a good handyman. These “Jacks (or Jills) of all trades” can help homeowners completing renovations on their property achieve their vision and they usually charge reasonable rates that won’t break a renovation budget. The homeowner will still need to call in the appropriate licensed tradesman for the more complicated stuff (electrical rewiring, actual structural adjustments, major plumbing – that kind of thing) but as an extra set of helping hands for the keen DIY renovator a handyman can truly be a big help.

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