If you are a flat dweller home improvement and home decor can be a bit of a challenge – not only because you are probably dealing with a smaller space but for many people dealing with a landlord’s rules as well. Renting a flat does not have to mean you cannot live in a place that suits your style though. Here are a few great ideas for getting the most out of your flat – even if it is very small:

Create a Better Living Room Floorplan
– If you don’t have a lot of space in your living room it is easy for just your furniture alone to make the room look smaller and more cluttered than it really is. Consider making some of these changes to open things up a bit:

  • Make the switch to armless sofas and chairs.
  • Let your sofa float in the middle of the room rather than pushing it up against a wall. This will allow for the room to be far easier to access from all sides and free up wall space for other purposes.
  • Add a rug to the center of the room to act as an anchor and then arrange all of your furniture around it, as if it were an island.
  • Add a small coffee table or two in front of the sofa

Extra Seating that Does Not Steal Space
– The living room of the average flat has room for a sofa and a couple of armchairs at most. That often means that if you have guests over things can get a little cramped or someone is standing for the evening. You can solve this problem with floor cushions that make sitting on it less of a hassle. Better still the cushions can be put away when not in use so that they are not cluttering up the space unnecessarily.

Make the Most of Kitchen Walls
– Less than spacious kitchens are a common feature of a great many flats and spare storage space can be very hard to come by. To give yourself more room though you can look to the walls. By adding a line of hooks close to the ceiling you can organize all your space-hogging pots and pans but still have them within easy reach while big pots and dishes that you rarely use can be stored on top of cupboards instead of in them.

Liven Up the Walls
– If you live in a rental flat chances are your landlord is not going to be too pleased if you fill their walls with nail holes to hang pictures to brighten up the plain walls that tend to be another trademark of rental flats. There is an alternative though.

If you purchase a larger piece corkboard and then cover it with a nice attractive material you will only need to buy some of those tough reusable stickies (available at most office stores) to hang it as cork is quite light and you will still be able to display a veritable gallery of images in any room you want.

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