One relatively easy way to give a slightly tired looking, but still very functional, kitchen a bit of a facelift is to replace your old splashbacks. You can choose from a wide range of materials and styles but here, to get your creative juices flowing, is a little information about what is really hot in the kitchen remodeling world right now:

Glass Tile – Glass tile splashbacks have been around for quite a while but according to those in the know in the kitchen remodeling industry only now are they really starting to become popular with Australian homeowners. Glass tiles are more expensive than other tile options but they are incredibly durable, very easy to clean and come in so many different colours, patterns and styles that for a lot of people they are an investment well worth making.

Aluminium – Aluminium splashbacks are another trend that is just beginning to catch on here but its getting hot fast. Before you conjure up images of plain metal walls though the reason aluminium splashbacks are becoming so popular is that they come in such a huge range of styles, colours and patterns.

LED Backsplash – If you really want to add a very cool and visually stunning element to your kitchen decor then LED backsplashes are possibly just the ticket for you. Basically a bank of lights set behind glass panelling the LED backsplashes available right now can change colour and light intensity according to your whim and can even be set to switch on and off by themselves.

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