More and more Aussies are seeing the value (and the fun) in the idea of making their backyard space a lot more than a backyard – choosing to turn it into an outdoor living environment instead. There are a great many ways you can do this – some of them rather extravagant (building an entire outdoor kitchen) while others are quite affordable and easy to achieve. Whatever you opt to add to your outdoor space though here are a few top tips from the pros to help you create a backyard getaway spot that everyone will enjoy:

Dress Up a Deck: You can make an ordinary deck feel more like a divine getaway spot by defining activity areas within the existing space. In this example multiple levels created by adding a floating floor separate dining and relaxation areas while the pergola brings a bit of extra greenery onto the scene. The whole look has a luxurious, decadent air yet it did not cost a fortune to create.




Create a Patio that is Picture Perfect: Most patios are floored using concrete, brick or stone and can look a little cold and harsh. You can soften this look by adding by adding green perennials like they did in the example here and also by adding patio furniture that matches the architecture of your home, making it feel more like an extension of the indoors instead of a separate add on.




Add an Affordable Outdoor Kitchen – A full, built in outdoor kitchen can cost a small fortune but this outdoor kitchen was far more affordable to create. A simple shed houses some right from the home store stock cabinetry for storage and a gas grill is the centerpiece for the cook. The dining nook can double as a bar and even though the furniture around it is fairly basic it fits right in and creates an inviting space that you can entertain in an awful lot!




Add an Outdoor Attraction – Want to add a little romance to your outdoor space? Then consider adding a beautiful gazebo to a spot that is located away from your house itself. Those seeking a little private time away from others can retreat there and the structure itself will make a fabulous addition aesthetically to the overall look.