What kind of state are the wardrobes or closets in your home in? If you are like many of us than the answer is probably rather overstuffed and not as organized as you’d like but who has the spare day or two it would take to sort it all out – especially since there is not too much space in them to begin with?

Creating and keeping an organized closet is not as difficult as you might think though. Here are some great ideas for better storage in your home that are fairly easy to implement and could make a real difference in your daily routine

Creating Space Where There is None
– Believe it or not this is a fairly standard 8 foot by 3 foot closet. Its efficiency comes form the clever use of inexpensive accessories. The simple wooden chest of drawers can hold a lot of smaller clothing items and the double rail system literally makes the closet twice its size in terms of function. Suddenly thanks to the storage boxes and simple wire racks everything has its place and looks oh so organized!

Easy Shoe Storage – Remember those $100 shoes that you will get around to wearing one day -when you can find them amongst all the clutter in the bottom of the wardrobe? They – and all the rest of your family’s footwear deserve to be stored in efficient little shoe boxes like these instead. They are inexpensive, are designed to accommodate even the most towering of heels and you simple pop them open, grab the shoes you want and go.

Make Use of the Door – By adding a simple plastic rail to the doors of your closet you can gain a lot more hanging space and its a great place to store longer pieces of clothing that you don’t want to get too creased or crushed.

Better Off Season Storage – Rather than stuffing off season clothing into a box and stashing it under the bed or down in the basement storage boxes like these provide good looking storage that is easy to organize and they can be stashed away on a high shelf in the wardrobe while still being easily accessible as soon as the seasons change.

Wall Storage – If you are going to make clever use of the doors on your closet why not think about using the walls as well? Here handbags find an organized home that looks great and takes up very little extra space.

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