A backyard pool is just that – a place to exercise, hang out or just basically splash around. Those who own one usually do just what they have to maintain it and other than that give very little thought to. Some people though are taking their pools – big and small – to a whole new level and in fact some of these new trends in pool “decor”, architecture and landscaping are more affordable to achieve than you might imagine:

Beach Entries
– Adding a beach entry around your pool does not mean throwing down a bunch of sand (although it could if you wanted it to we suppose) but rather creating a sloped walkway into the pool – creating an effect that is reminiscent of walking into the ocean.

A beach entry is not just a nice visual effect though it can also make using the pool a little safer and more enjoyable for those who have a harder time getting into a pool the “regular” way – especially older people who have limited mobility on land but would really benefit from all that exercise in the buoyant water has to offer. A beach entry with defined handrails is even more helpful!

Going Green with a Seawater Pool
– Using saltwater as an alternative to chlorinated water is an idea that has been gaining in popularity for the last few years. Many pool owners consider it a safer, greener alternatives because they are not swimming in chemical laden waters.

To keep the pool clean and safe to swim in a special salt cell system is installed that releases just enough salt. When the salt begins to dissolve and pool water filters through the salt cell, the salt molecules split into chlorine and sodium. The end result is that the water in the pool is clean, clear and will not burn eyes or discolor hair in the way that chlorinated water might. A saltwater system is initially more expensive but it will pay for itself over time in the form of savings on pool chemicals.

Flaming Swimming Pools
– Thanks to a new generation of gas powered fire pits people are adding fire around – and even in – their swimming pools to create a dramatic visual effect that can transform not only their pool but their entire backyard landscape as well. These additions range from simple tiki torches to full blown fire enhanced waterfalls but the one thing they all have in common is that they are aesthetically stunning. Combine the fire with some great LED lighting and you can create a look that is even more aesthetically pleasing.

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