You are bored with your kitchen – or specifically your kitchen cupboards and cabinets. There’s nothing wrong with the way they function though, they are big enough and you rather like the layout you just hate the way they look. If that is the case though why go to all the hassle and expensive of ripping them out and replacing them with new ones? Replacing the doors may be all you need to do and such a project is cheaper and easier than the whole kitchen cabinet replacement thing.

If you are wondering just how much of a difference replacing cabinet doors could make in yourkitchen have a look at some of these great examples:

Put Your Wares on Display
: If you have a smaller kitchen then adding some glass kitchen cabinet doors can not only add a big shot of elegant style but can really open the room up as the newly open cabinets will make the whole room look and feel lighter and brighter. You do not have to just stick to plain glass fronts though. Frosted glass can be a great alternative for those who do not have the time to rearrange a cupboard’s contents every day to make sure they are fit for public display and old fashioned leaded glass can add an instant vintage air to any kitchen space.

Mix it Up
: Who says that all your kitchen cabinet doors and drawers have to match? In this kitchen a great mix of glass fronted cabinets and natural and white wood kitchen cabinet doors and drawers create a look that is instantly contemporary and rather different.

Get Practical
: Sick of Post It notes and littler bits of paper stuck to the fridge? Then consider replacing a cabinet door with a fully functional chalkboard front. The look is whimsical and fun and also has a very practical everyday use as it provides a “message centre” that the whole family will find useful.

Add Some Age
: Modern stainless steel appliances look very efficient and they operate the same way but their aesthetic appearance can make a kitchen feel rather cold and impersonal. Adding a hand distressed effect to existing wooden cabinets can soften that effect though and ad a sense of warmth and personality to the whole space – as well as provide a great DIY project for the craft inclined.

Cut it Out:
With the help of a good tradesman you may not even need to replace your kitchen cabinet doors at all to give them a brand new look. In this example cut outs added to plain white cupboard doors have created a look that is unique, elegant and certainly very striking.

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