A fire pit can transform both the look and the function of your outdoor living space but there are a lot of different options available to choose from these days. There are also a number of very important considerations to make before you make the investment in any fire pit. Here are some of the most important:

Free Standing or Built In?

Back in the old days, a residential fire pit tended to be little more than a hole in the ground, a large brick and stone affair in most cases. These days there are far more choices available, including whether you want a fire pit that is built into the ground of one that is free standing.

A free standing fire pit offers both versatility and easy installation. You can purchase a free standing fire pit – in either wood or gas burning varieties – for as little as a few hundred dollars or a far grander structure for several thousand dollars. Fire tables are another very popular option as they offer a great deal of functionality and are fabulous for entertaining, one of the biggest reasons that people choose to install a fire pit in the first place.

On the other hand a built in fireplace offers permanence and stability and can be a great choice for the fire pit cookery enthusiast and can be used as a central part of a landscaping theme.

The best thing to do is consider just how you intend to use the fire pit, how much space you really have as well as how much time and money you want to devote to the project.

Wood Burning or Gas?

The type of fuel you want to use is another big consideration when choosing a fire pit. Wood is of course the traditional choice and it does replicate most closely that “campfire” feel that many people are looking for when they are considering purchasing a fire pit.

Wood is also often the best choice for those who want to try their hand at fire pit cookery. Different types of wood produce very different flavors and many a very keen fire pit cookery enthusiast will tell you that wood is the only way to go.

On the other hand wood burning fire pits can be messy, the smoke they give out can be rather unpleasant to breathe in and in some areas wood burning fires are banned by local ordinances at certain times of the year, so you may be limited in how often you can make use of it.

Gas fire pits certainly burn cleaner than their wood burning cousins but they can be more expensive to run. On the other hand they are far more versatile in terms of placement. A gas fire pit can be placed closer to the home than a wood fire pit can be and they can be installed in a raised container, alongside a pool, even in the middle of a water feature.

The Look
Probably the most exciting part about choosing a fire pit is finding just the right look for your unique outdoor space. Fire pits literally come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and can be crafted from a number of different materials. The choice can be dizzying at first but once you have found just the right look for your landscape you will be surprised by just how much of a difference a fire pit can make to not only the visual appeal of the space overall but to your everyday life as well!