Decorating with orange – even the thought sounds pretty scary to most homeowners. Even if you happen to rather like the colour yourself the thought of using it home decor initially leaves most people thinking about Halloween!

Used the right way though – and there certainly is a right way – orange can actually be a perfect accent colour to add some interest around your home. The key is to plan its use carefully and with a bit of an “editorial eye”. Here are a few ideas for using this bright, cheery shade in your home that will be effective without being overpowering.

Start Small – When using shades of orange in your decor plans it often helps to start small. The addition of a bright rug – with or without a pattern – to the centre of a room can add an instant bright spark, as can the addition of a single small piece of furniture like an ottoman. Orange window treatments or even just a few orange vases scattered around the place can also be very effective.

Partner Orange with Blue – Sometimes if you pair colours from opposite sides of the colour wheel the effect can be quite stunning. One very successful pairing, seen all the time in Mexican and Moroccan inspired decor, is orange and blue. The shades you choose can be light or dark, they all work equally well, especially if you use them in the kitchen or an outdoor entertainment space, two places they can work very well.

Do Orange Lite – If you are not quite sure about taking the plunge and adding a bright orange to your home just yet you can start with subtle shades of tangerine, or a gentle orangey pink. Once you see what a difference these colours really can make to the place you may get bold enough to add more, or not, however the fancy takes you!