A hardwood floor  is a beautiful addition to any home but there are certain spaces that they are sadly just not really suited for, the bathroom being the first that comes to mind.  The continual moisture level in the average bathroom, even if that bathroom is very well ventilated is just not wood friendly. Very often hardwood floors in bathrooms become warped and mouldy very quickly and have to ripped up and chalked up as an expensive mistake by homeowners.

This is all rather sad, as a wood floor in the bathroom would actually look fabulous wouldn’t it? If you agree then the good news is that there is now a better way to add a wooden look to your bathroom – ceramic tile that is designed to look just like wood!

In fact advances in ceramic tile manufacturing technology have led to a whole new generation of tiles that effectively mimic all kinds of other materials. The wood effect tiles are just one of those new breeds. they can also closely resemble slate, granite and even the very expensive and luxurious marble.

All of the advantages that ceramic tile offers are still a feature of these tiles. ceramic tile is still possibly the best choice for bathroom flooring because it is exceptionally durable, easy to clean and even if mould does begin to set in it can be easily removed with a good bleach and a bit of extra elbow grease.

Of course if you really want the ultimate wood look, marble or natural stone look bathroom you do not have to stop at the floor because these ceramic tiles work just as well on the walls. And possibly the best thing of all about these tiles, whichever you opt for, is that they cost considerably less than the materials they imitate, leaving you with extra cash to spend elsewhere around the house.