Even if you hoover your carpets religiously the simple fact is that a day will come when that is no longer enough. At this point it is fairly obvious to any homeowner that a deeper cleaning is called for. Some people though balk at the idea of calling in a professional carpet cleaning service and would prefer to try and do it themselves to save a few bucks. But is that ever really a good idea?

It all sounds pretty easy in the beginning. Pop down to the local home store. Rent a machine for a day or so, spend a couple of hours cleaning and the end result should be a sparkling clean carpet and a bigger bank balance right?

The unfortunate truth is if it really were that easy then professional carpet cleaners would not even exist at all. The machines that they use, and the techniques, are rather different than the ones that you can use with a rental machine and a DIY carpet clean is rarely as thorough as a professional one and in fact this money saving endeavor often cause more problems than it solves! Here are just of a few the things that can often go wrong:

Too Much Shampoo – When you wash your hair do you use the pea sized amount of shampoo that the bottle usually recommends. In most people’s cases they use more than that figuring that more shampoo will mean cleaner hair. That is not the case but unfortunately it’s a logic that many people apply when they are cleaning their own carpets as well.

By using too much shampoo on your carpets you make it almost impossible for a rented carpet cleaner to get it all out. The remaining shampoo buries itself deep into the carpet and it becomes a magnet for dust and dirt that then attaches itself to its sticky residue. The result – even dirtier carpets within a week or two than you had before you started!

Skipping the Testing – Another thing that is listed on every bottle of carpet cleaning solution is a warning that the solution should be tested on an inconspicuous area of the carpet before full scale cleaning begins to make sure that the carpet is not damaged by the solution. Sadly that is an extra step that many people neglect to take and they end up with a damaged carpet that is going to be very hard to fix.

Dealing with the Wet Carpet – The biggest mistake that DIY carpet cleaners make is failing to dry their cleaned carpets the right way. A cleaned carpet needs at least 24 hours to dry and in that time it should not be walked on.

This can be hard to pull off and even if you can a deeper pile carpet will probably still not dry properly. A pro carpet cleaner has special machines that dry the carpets very quickly, machines that you cannot rent!

The problems that a wet carpet can cause are huge! Mold, mildew and all kinds of bacteria can form very quickly, eating into the carpet and then dispersing into the air.

In the end too many homeowners have to learn the hard way that DIY carpet cleaning is often a very false economy. If you are going to spend the money to buy great carpets then they need to be looked after the right way and a professional carpet cleaning every six to nine months can be a great way to extend their useful life.