There is something very special about the simple act of enjoying a glass or two of wine with a great meal at the end of a long day. When you drink it in moderation wine (especially the reds) has been proven to offer all kinds of health benefits.Wine has now been found to potentially help reduce the risk of heart disease, certain cancers and even maybe slow the progression of neurological degenerative disorders.

There is nothing worse though than a lukewarm glass of wine. Except maybe a glass of wine that is so cold that it hurts your teeth. Serving wine at just the right temperature is a must but getting it there can be hard.

Most homeowners don’t have the space (or the available budget) to build a wine cellar in our homes but a good quality wine cooler can do the job just as well as well as add a bit of visual interest to any room its installed in

How Exactly Does a Wine Cooler Work?

According to professional sommeliers (the posh guys and girls whose job it is to learn everything about wine, what a hard life that must be ) all wines, red, white and shades in between, should be stored in a stable position, kept away from direct light. In terms of temperature the perfect one is between 11-13 C and there should be no more than 70% moisture in the air around the wine bottle, whether it is open or not.

A regular fridge is too cold to maintain the right temperature and that is how many of us ruin a good – or even just a decent – bottle of wine, by chilling it to death.

A wine cooler solves that problem. As their names suggests they cool, not chill the wine and although there are a lot of different types out there they all have a front that allows in only just the right amount of light – usually thanks to tinted or smoked glass.

Wine coolers come in a number of different sizes, from small squared options that are designed to sit neatly on a kitchen benchtop to large cabinets that make a great focal point for a home bar.

Buying the Right Wine

Once you have chosen a great wine cooler the fun starts – filling it up. The first thing you should know is that you don’t have to pay a fortune for a good bottle of wine these days, there are some great choices that are also very budget friendly. And a great wine does not have to come from France either. There are some fabulous Aussie wines available right now that even impress those snobby sommeliers and they are well worth a try.

People often get too involved in pairing wines with food as well. To really enjoy your wine your need to follow your own preferences rather than what a book says. Technically, if you go by conventional “wine wisdom” then reds only go with meat and whites with fish but the world won’t end if you have a shiraz with your sole or a Pinot Grigio with your lamb chops!

If you are going to keep a wine cooler stocked for entertaining you should however consider buying a selection of wines so that you have something on hand to suit most people’s tastes. That does not have to mean buying up the wine shop though. A few reds, a few whites, a rose and a dessert wine should cover most of the bases for a wine filled evening of entertaining.