It’s the rare homeowner who ever really thinks they have enough efficient storage space in their home. Adding storage space to organize clutter does not always have to mean nailing up yet another set of boring shelves though. Here are some cool storage solutions for all over the house that you may not have considered before:

Mudroom in a Minute
– If you have the extra room then a mudroom can be a brilliant way to organize everyone’s outdoor ‘stuff’ and help keep the rest of your home neater. What if you don’t though? Then you can try creating your own in the hallway.

This mini mudroom was pulled together using two tower style bookcases, a small wall cabinet and a piece of bead boarding and a thin piece of shelving – all available at your local home store. With a little bit of styling and imagination these simple units became something rather special while providing some much need organized storage in a busy house.


Easy but Stylish Kids Room Storage
– Kids are not always known for being very well organized so expecting them to keep shelving units very neat is probably just a little too much. Rather than fill the room full of plastic boxes why not try this idea?

All these are is are the kind of basket you would normally mount to a wall outside to add flowers to. However because they mount flush to the wall they are great for storing toys as well and can easily be placed low enough so that even toddlers can help tidy up their own space!



Clutter-less Craft Area – This craft area was decluttered thanks to a garage pegboard and the addition of a few hanging accessories. Not only is the space now clean and easy to work in but it looks very cool as well. You can usually find pegboards like this at any home improvement store or at an office supply store as well.




Bathroom Bucket – Not the kind of person who likes spending time arranging all of your bathroom ‘stuff’ neatly onto shelves? No worries. A bright bucket like this one simply hung from the bathroom wall keeps everything you need close at hand and its useful, stylish storage that only costs a couple of dollars and takes a minute to install!