Lighting is one truly important element of home decor that does tend to get rather overlooked. This is rather sad since the right – or wrong – lighting can really make or break a space. But once you have actually chosen the light fixtures you want to use you should also give a bit of extra thought to the way you light them up in order both to be a little more environmentally conscious and to save some money on your electricity bills as well. Here are some of the most readily available options that you can consider:

Natural Light – It may seem a bit obvious to say that natural light is the best way to light up a room in terms of eco friendliness and cost but the fact is that many homeowners do not take enough advantage of the natural light the floods into their homes every day.

Skytubes and skylights can be a great way to light up a darker space without adding to many extra light fittings and they can also add a great deal of style to the space as well. Even using lighter drapes can make a difference to just how long you need to use artificial light to illuminate your home on a daily basis (as well as actually remembering to open them them!)

Florescent Lighting – As old fashioned as you might think it is good old fashioned florescent lighting is actually far more energy efficient than you might think. It may not be the most stylish – or the cheapest option – available in its basic form (the big long tubes) but you can actually find some rather great looking florescent lighting options if you look hard enough and the fact that they last ten times longer than ‘regular bulbs’ as well as give off far less heat can be two big money saving binuses you should not overlook.

LED Lighting – There was a time when LED lighting was a bit of a novelty but in the past few years it has become more and more of a viable alternative to traditional incandescent bulbs for use all over the home. They are probably the most expensive option available at the moment but given their longevity and ease of maintenance they will pay for themselves over time and the prices are beginning to go down.

Solar Lighting – With so many different solar lighting options available these days it is hard to find an excuse for using traditional artificial lighting methods outside at all anymore, unless you need stadium level lighting for some reason. Solar lighting technology has come a long way over the last decade and the lighting available today is powerful enough to burn brightly all night long.