We all put a lot of thought into the home improvements and home decor we create for ourselves, but did you ever wonder what your dog thought about it all? Have you ever stopped to wonder whether he or she is really happy with that cruddy old blanket and box set up they have been relegated to all this time?

Image: Aristopaws

Well, even if you haven’t a group of canine friendly architects have. Architecture for Dogs showcases some pretty amazing stuff and what is even better is that at the site you are provided with all of the plans and step by step instructions to recreate this works of doggy friendly architectural art yourself.

This is one of our favorites, a very cool human and dog hangout created just for shorter dogs by Atelier Bow Wow.

Image: Architecture for Dogs

If you head to the site you will find step by step videos and the download links for the blueprints and instructions to build this and a lot more great dog friendly structures. It’ll make a change from painting the walls for your next DIY project and might be one of the best Christmas presents your canine companion ever gets!