A contemporary room look really requires only that the overall color palette of space be rather pale , and that your furniture stands out individually. This can lead to thousands of options, but here are four basic tips for creating a contemporary look in your home with just a few tweaks and maybe a trip to the furniture store:

Contemporary Wall Colors – To achieve a truly contemporary look without making the space seem too plain, harsh or unforgiving the colors you choose to adorn the walls of your new contemporary look home should be complimentary to one another. The addition of an accent wall – one wall painted a vivid color while the others are more neutrally hued – is also a very popular and very effective way to almost instantly impart a very contemporary look into almost any room. If you are using pale colours painting mistakes will be glaringly obvious so if you skills are not quite up to par you might want to considers calling in a pro to do the job for you.

Contemporary Flooring – It is not usual for a room that is considered to be decorated in the contemporary style to feature wall to wall carpeting. Instead, flooring is of the solid variety, hardwood, laminate or tile and accented with contemporary rugs. Contemporary rugs come in all different sizes, shapes and colours but have one thing in common – they are bright, bold and make a visual statement that ties the whole contemporary look together.

Contemporary Furniture – The furniture in a contemporary room works best if it is all in the same color palette, with the added spark being provided by interesting accents like a zebra stripe pillow on a black couch or a bright red throw on a white chair. Stay within the same colour palette as you have chosen for the walls and flooring though to avoid a messy look that looks badly put together.

Clean, simple lines are the signature of furniture that is found in contemporary look homes. Often the furniture is the star of the show and the rest of the room the supporting cast, so choose very carefully.

Contemporary Lighting – Contemporary look rooms are bright without be blindingly so. Lighting should be sleek and as close to real thing as possible. Both recessed and track lighting are popular choices and a stunning floor lamp makes for a great extra touch as well.