Although using one is certainly not mandatory, hiring an architect to guide you through an extensive remodeling process makes great sense. An architect is the trained professional you need to assist you through the whole project, from start to finish.

An architect is a problem solver

Most home remodeling projects stem from a need. “We need more bedroom space” or “this kitchen is too small.” An architect is trained to solve these problems and translate that need into real square footage.

An architect is basically a problem solver. They will help you realize your vision for a home remodeling project on paper first, before any expensive construction work ever begins, pointing out what can and cannot be realistically achieved on the budget you have set and with the space available to work with. A good architect will listen to your ideas and take your wishes into account, but will not hesitate to tell you when something is impractical or makes poor financial sense.

Hiring an architect will save you money.

When undertaking a major remodeling project some homeowners believe that by not retaining the services of an architect they will be saving themselves money. This is far from the case; by using an architect to help them come up with a well conceived, workable plan a homeowner can actually save themselves a great deal of money. It is far easier for a contractor to come up with a fair cost estimate if he or she has solid plans and drawings to work with, rather than just vague ideas.

It is an architect’s job to keep up on the latest materials and construction techniques, therefore they will be able to help you choose the most cost effective yet durable and attractive materials for use in your project. This may be your first remodeling project but for the seasoned architect it is probably just the first one this month and their experience will prove invaluable

An architect is your advocate

Any major remodeling project involves a good many players. Construction experts, painters, electricians and plumbers are all likely to be involved at some point in the process. Coordinating them all can become a major headache, but once again, your architect can help. They are used to working alongside all of these people on a daily basis and can ensure that everyone is on the same page, allowing the project to move ahead as smoothly as possible

Great design sells

During the course of your remodeling project selling your home is probably the farthest thing from your mind, but that may be in the cards down the road. Many a buyer has been swayed by a fabulously designed kitchen or spectacular bathroom, even if other elements of a home are not quite right. Having an architect oversee your remodeling vision adds the design element that would be almost impossible for you to achieve alone and that could add thousands of dollars to the resale value of your home.