Water features, large and small, have become even more popular than ever over the last several years because they are a great way to add immediate and striking visual interest to a garden or other outdoor space, especially if a fountain is used as the focal point of the overall landscape design, something that can be as effective in a small space as it can in a larger one.

The problem is that not only can traditional electric powered fountains be expensive and rather difficult to install. They can also be rather expensive to run, limiting the amount of enjoyment the owner can get out of them.

Opting for a solar fountain can solve many of these problems and provide home and business owners with an affordable, efficient way to enjoy all that solar fountains have to offer.

There are three main types of solar fountains available:

Direct power solar fountains: These types of solar fountains feature pumps that run directly off the power from a built-in or remote fountain solar panel. These types of solar fountain are generally designed to float on the water and are temporary installations. They will only function when the sun is shining though as no energy is stored.

Submersible solar fountains: These solar fountains are designed to be submersed below the water. They produce an above water spray that serves both as decorations and as an efficient way to aerate a pond. These solar fountains draw their power from a solar cell set elsewhere.

Battery backup solar fountains: These solar fountains feature a rechargeable battery charges through a solar panel during daylight hours to provide light and water flow to the solar fountain at night. These types of solar fountain are often the most expensive of the three types to purchase but they offer delightful illumination and the sound of soothing fountain spray and cascading waters in a garden setting at night and as they do not cost a penny to run end up ‘paying for themselves’ very quickly.

Are solar fountains more expensive than traditional electric powered fountains?

In terms of the initial purchase price that really does depend on the type of solar fountain you opt to buy but often you will find that solar fountains are comparable in price to many good quality traditional electric fountains.

The savings that can be gained by choosing a solar fountain over an electric fountain can be considerable though. Solar fountains are easy to install as there is no complicated hard-wiring involved so the expensive services of an electrician are not required. And after the initial investment made in a solar fountain they are free to run on a day to to day basis, something that is certainly not true for an electric powered fountain!

Not sure if a solar fountain could provide you with the look you want? Take a look at our inspirational gallery below, we think you will like what you see!