The gutters that run around your home are its single best defense against water damage.
However they can only do their job if they are properly maintained. Most homeowners
understand the importance of clearing their gutters of debris (even if they are not always very
good at keeping up with the task) but clogged gutters are not the only problem that needs to be
watched for.

Often a section of gutter will develop a small leak without anyone really noticing it at first. If the
leak is left unchecked though even a small hole can eventually cause big problems.

A small hole does not necessarily have to mean that a whole section of the gutter has to be
replaced but it does need to be sealed or patched. For a homeowner armed only with a ladder
that can be a bit of a challenge. Gutter sealant is cheap and easy to use, in theory anyway, but
in real life it can be a different matter entirely.

Any gutter has to drain somewhere but if it is not pitched correctly in relation to the downspouts
that will carry the water to the drain then once again all kinds of problems and water damage
are likely to occur.

If you take a look into your gutters after a rainstorm has passed and find standing water there
that is a fairly good indication that it is not pitched correctly and that instead of all the water
going to the downspout it is probably overflowing onto the ground instead.

Sometimes these problems are caused by the weather itself, especially a storm, and the
adjustment that needs to be made is an easy one that you can do yourself. To determine how
far out of line the gutter actually is you can measure from the peak to the downspout. If the
difference is just a few inches often the alignment can be fixed with a simple push. You do have
to be careful not to damage the gutter in the process though!

Over time gutters that have withstood plenty of wind and rain may start to pull away from the
side of the house where they belong. The fix is often as simple as adding new hangers but
again, as a lone do it yourselfer it can be very tricky.

To protect your home from damage and yourself from danger its a wise investment to make if
you call a professional gutter maintenance company in on a regular basis to help you stay on
top of the situation. Saving money is always nice but scrimping on home maintenance can often
cost you more than it saves in the long run, especially when it comes to water damage!