In a time when granite and natural stone counter tops are all the rage in popular decor
magazines laminate counter tops have got something of a bad rap recently. In some people’s
minds a laminate counter top means something that is outdated and looks “cheap”.

Modern laminates are very different from their old fashioned counterparts though and there
are a lot of good reasons why they deserve a second look if you are considering buying new
counter tops for use in your home. Here are just a few of them:

Laminate Counter Tops are More Affordable: Granite and natural stone may look great but
they are also very expensive. Laminate counter tops are, on the other hand, some of the most
affordable options available today and they come in so many different design options they are
some of the most flexible options available as well.

Laminate Counter Tops are Great for a Family Kitchen:

If you have a family, especially if you
have kids, the chances that you can keep a kitchen looking Martha Stewart perfect are slim to
say the least. Granite is tough but hard to fix if they are damaged and damaging them is easier
than many people think. Butcher block counter tops have a great rustic look but like any other
wood they have a tendency to scratch and mark easily as well.

Laminate counter tops are created to be very tough and stand up very well to the every day
wear and tear of a busy family kitchen and Junior will probably not end up facing the loss of a
year’s allowance to repair a single scratch!

Laminate Counter Tops are Easy to Maintain

Maintaining granite or natural stone counter tops requires sealing, re-sealing and some rather
specialist care to keep them in tip top condition. Laminate counters are far easier to maintain. In
fact most of the time a daily wipe down with soapy water and getting into the habit of promptly
wiping up spills is all they need to keep them in great shape for years.