As the population of the world ages, including in Oz, there has been quite an increase in
remodeling projects that are undertaken to help older people remain in their own homes as they age,
instead of having to leave them and more to a senior living facility or retirement home.

In fact in many cases even perfectly fit and healthy homeowners are realizing that their good health
and great mobility are things that it is unlikely, to some extent or another , they will always enjoy and
they are choosing to prepare their homes in anticipation of that time.

One of the biggest challenges that many homeowner’s have to address is outside the home, not in it.
A home that currently has an entrance that is stepped will eventually become difficult, if not impossible
for a person with limited mobility to use. To most people a ramp would be the simplest answer but
people are also often concerned what taking out steps and installing a plain ramp would do to the
resale value of their home.

The answer that some specialist mobility remodeling professionals are offering approaches the step
challenge in a different way. They are building more elegant raised walkways that can serve the same
purpose as a ramp but they are less likely to impact the “curb appeal” of the home, something that is
very important in terms of resale value.

Steps and staircase indoors can present quite a challenge as well though. For a two story home
having a stair lift installed is one very popular solution and as the demand for mobility related
remodeling increases such things are becoming both more affordable and more easily available.

The alternative to a stair lift to allow two story living is to plan to make the lower story of the home
a space that can be lived in without having to use the stairs at all. This may include remodeling
an unused room to be able to be used as a bedroom at some future date or even adding a small
extension so that such a room can be created.