Most of the time a full kitchen remodeling project will involve installing new kitchen bench tops.
As such things are usually such a large part of any kitchen, taking the time to choose just the right
option is essential. and with so many different ones available today the choice can be a very
hard one indeed.

From a practical point of view metal bech and counter  tops are great for a busy kitchen. Walk into any
restaurant or commercial kitchen and it is very rare that you will find anything other than
stainless steel counters there  because they are just so easy to care for and durable.

From an aesthetic point of view though they are rather simple, cold and boring, probably not the
look that many people want to incorporate into their remodeled kitchen at all. There are however
other similar metals that make great durable choices for a kitchen remodel that have
most of the practical benefits that stainless steel offers but also have some great visual appeal
as well. One of the most beautiful and durable of these is zinc.

Zinc is a metal counter top material that has been used “front of house” in upscale bars for
years but now some homeowners are discovering its uniquer charms as well. Although at first
site, when they are new, zinc bench tops may resemble their stainless steel counter parts they
have a charm and warmth that it does not.

Zinc counter tops are designed to get better with age. When first installed they will usually be
a white-ish gray color that will actually match almost any decor. Over time though those colors
will change as the zinc develops a patina that will contains blues, yellows, greens and golds.
In terms of cleaning most of the time all a zinc counter top needs is a daily wipe down with a
damp, soapy cloth.

Another advantage of zinc counter tops when used as a part of a full kitchen remodel is that as
a softer material it can be easily welded, so a zinc sink for example can be built right into the
counter top with no visible seams.

Like any other counter top material people might consider as an option for their kitchen
remodeling project zinc does have its drawbacks. It is slightly softer than stainless steel and
cannot withstand very hot pots being placed on it without some degree of damage becoming a
possibility ( a hot kettle for a minute or so is usually fine though)

The other possible con is that zinc counter tops are expensive. Their longevity may make up for
initial extra outlay,  but is you are looking for a budget counter top choice to incorporate into your
kitchen remodeling plans then zinc certainly is not.It is however a beautiful choice if you can afford it.