Many homeowners love the idea of having a nicely heated garage to walk out into on cold mornings and a garage that has heat can serve other purposes aside from car storage year round as well. One thing that many homeowners quite rightly wonder about though is is it safe to use garage heaters in the first place?

The answer to this question is usually yes though, as long as you keep the following simple safety tips in mind:

Garage Use – Different types of garage heaters are safer to use than others if you generally intend to make use of the space yourself. For example, if you are a handy type of person and intend to use some of your garage space for woodworking and other DIY type projects a lower intensity tube gas heater may be the safest option.

If you choose an electric model there is a danger that wood chips, dust and debris may come into contact with its workings and cause them to stop working or even worse catch fire. A propane heater may not be the best choice either as its fans can swirl sawdust around making working comfortably, with having sawdust flying in your face can be hard. On the other hand though if you just intend to use your extra garage space as an office then a compact wall mounted electric garage heater free of too many wires and cables would be a great, safe choice.

Ventilation – If you are going to use a gas garage heater it is crucial that the space is well ventilated and that may mean making some adjustments to the basic setup of your garage before installing one – an extra cost. Failing to make these adjustments can be far more costly though in human terms as a gas heater used in a poorly ventilated space is a serious health hazard.

Placement – Where you place your garage heater can have safety implications as well. a ceiling mounted unit might sound very convenient but the combination of a low garage ceiling and a tall person can make them rather dangerous as well! If you use space in your garage to work in any way you may not want to have the heater placed too close to your work area either in order to avoid bumping into it and burning yourself by mistake.

Free standing garage heater options can be convenient if you only intend to heat the space on an occasional basis but they are rarely ever suitable for use in a garage that sees a lot of action and traffic because the risk that they will accidentally be knocked over is just a little too high.

On the whole though modern garage heaters of all types are designed to be very safe to use and if you do have concerns about the suitability of a certain model in your home then the supplier you are working with should be able to help you address them before you buy a garage heater at all and consider calling in a professional to help you install it the right way.