Lots of people probably would not consider red as a colour that they would even consider using in large amounts for their home décor. For many of us the introduction of such a bright, vivid color would overpower us and be just a little too much to actually have to live with on a daily basis.

It is indeed probably very true that a room filled with red would work only for a handful of people but there are lots of great ways that red can be incorporated into your home décor that are attractive without being “too much”. Here are a few simple ideas to get you started:

Red Walls

All red walls do have a tendency to close in a room however big it is. One single, rather bold red accent wall is a totally different story story though. If you pair that single bright accent wall with lighter colors – a buttery cream, a tamer taupe or a winter winter for instance, a nice cream or warm white perhaps) a red accent wall gives you a very easy way to add a dramatic decorating flair to almost any space.

Red Window Treatments

We do all have a tendency to seriously underestimate the impact window treatments can have on a room we actually get around to changing them. Bright and bold red curtains or subtle, elegant blinds can add just the right amount of colour to a bland space in a matter of minutes.

Red Rugs

The addition of a red rug to a room is another very easy but effective way to add a great shot of instant colour character to a room. The rug you pick does not need not be just one big, solid expanse of red though. There are lots of really stunning fantastic rugs out there that feature red patterns in lots of different shades of the colour that include everything from romantic and delicate floral shapes to rather intriguing and interesting multi coloured geometric style prints.

Less is More

When using red in your home décor the basic general rule of thumb should be that less really is more. Just a few pops of colour, whether that is in the form of a rug or a nice set of curtains, an accent wall or even just a couple of red vases can be all you need.. Red is in fact a flexible enough color that it can exist in great style with almost any other, everything from rich warm brown orange and gold tones to very graphic black and white and almost anything in between.