There are a number of reasons why keeping a dehumidifer in your home is a good idea. People do tend to overlook them though, worrying more about air conditioners, fans and heaters but there are several things that only a good dehumidifier can do for you:

Drying Out a Damp Room

Any home can suffer from an excess moisture problem, even if they are located in a very dry area. Excess moisture can be caused by high humidity but is even more often caused by inadequate ventilation. apart from making the air in your home feel unpleasantly sticky excess moisture causes mold and mildew which apart from looking and smelling terrible can be hazardous to your health.

Use a good dehumidifier and it will remove all (or most) of that moisture from the air, leaving it feeling cleaner and smelling a lot nicer.

 Bathrooms and basements are both usually problem areas in many homes when it comes to excess moisture. Even a finished basement can still feel rather damp if it is below grade and running a humidifier on a regular basis can save all of the items there from permanent damage, especially important if you have furnishings and electronics stored there.

Easing Allergies

Some people do not even need to go outside in order for their allergies to flare up, the quality of the air in their homes can be poor enough that just being at home can be miserable, at least in terms of allergy symptoms.

Running a dehumidifier dries damp air but it also removes many allergens as these particles tend to stick to the heavier water molecules. An air conditioner might make the air feel dry but it does little to remove these allergens.

Preventing Damage After a Small Disaster

Most home flood accidents are not of epic proportions. Often they are more like a flooded basement after a rain storm or an inch or two of water on the floor thanks to a faulty washing machine or dishwasher. The mistake many people make in this situation though is assuming that just getting rid of most of the water is enough. In fact most of the damage from an accident like this occurs weeks and months later when the remaining unseen moisture causes excess amounts of mildew and mold to form. Running a dehumidifier in this situation can prevent damage before it occurs. It may take a few days (and a number of times emptying the dehumidifier’s collection bucket) but the space should dry out nicely.