Finding the right person to sell your house can be a long drawn out process that doesn’t give you the control that you always want to have.  These days many people are starting to take control and selling their own homes and not using real estate agents.  Not only does it give you that full control but it also means that there is a whole lot of money to be save when you do.  But you do need to be smart about it. 

First off you need to be aware of what price to set your property.   It is imperative to hire a property valuer to help you determine the right price.  Setting your price at a higher price could be unfavourable as you will attract the wrong market to your property.  As an example if you have your price set at $100,000 more than you property should be – potential buyers will take one glance at your property and not even bother pursuing it further as they are looking to get better value for their money.  It is important to look around your area and see what other Real Estate has been selling in the last few months.  Be careful that you look at property that is very similar to yours.  You don’t want to be comparing a 3 bedroom house to your 2 bedroom apartment.  Sit down early on and determine the appropriate price that you want for your home to also help you determine the selling price.

The great thing when you do go it alone is that with the internet you now have accesses to fantastic resources that can provide you with photography, sales boards, brochures and valuations.  Make sure when choosing companies to help though that they offer more than just these services.  It is important to look for add-on advice.  Tips and tricks that can help you get more value for your property, that kind of thing.  For a premium service you are looking at spending only six hundred dollars.  When comparing it to the thousands of dollars real estate agents charge you will be saving a lot of money. 

Not only do you need to be diligent in price and the services you use, when taking people through your home it is important that it is very well presented.  Leaving rubbish and a whole lot of clutter can often put people off.  On the other hand when you step into a fresh clean place potential buyers look for things such as light and how clean your place is.  By putting in the extra effort to clean up and even opening your windows and doors will make your property look that extra more enticing and could potentially get you more money for very little effort. 

You also need to make the effort to fix all of those ‘little things’ around your home that you never quite got around to. The cracked window, the bathroom door that sticks, the peeling paint job in the guest bedroom. These may seem like minor flaws to you, but to a homebuyer they can be huge, so an investment in a couple of days of service from a good handyman could really pay off.