There are a great many different counter top materials for homeowners to choose from when renovating or remodeling their kitchen. Corian is one of the more popular of those choices.

What is Corian?

Corian is a synthetic resin countertop material that was created, and is sold, by Dupont. It can be created in almost any color and is considered by many to be one of the most flexible counter top materials a homeowner can choose if they are looking for a perfect color match for other elements in their kitchen space.

Corian not only comes in many different colors but it can also be found in several different “textures” as well. Corian can be purchased that mimics the look of granite, slate and even marble – at a far lower cost. There are even some newer Corain offerings that mimic the appearance of a wood counter top!

Advantages of Corian Counter Tops

There are a number of reasons that Corian might might an excellent choice for homeowners:

Design Flexibility – Because Corian is a man made material and created in large sheets it can be cut in almost any shape or size, meaning that it can be used in oddly shaped kitchens that would not accommodate a standard countertop size so well.

Corain can also be used to create backsplashes and sinks so a homeowner can opt to purchase all three elements that then create one seamless whole, without seams or edges that can become over dirty or crack which can happen with some other laminates.

The colors and textures that Corian can be found in also add a great deal of design flexibilty as well. Corian can be found in the whitest of whites all the way to deep dark black and with a great many shades and textures in between.

Ease of Care – Many people feel that Corian is a lot easier to take care of than the counter top options it mimics. For everyday cleaning all that is really required is soapy water – although a Corian counter top should be dried after it is washed down as hard water (which is found in the majority of homes) can stain Corian and removing such stains can be difficult. Occasionally a Corian counter top will benefit from the gentle use of a cleaner like Soft Scrub to remove difficult residue.

Affordability – Although not “cheap” Corian is a far more budget friendly counter top material than granite, marble or other natural stone. Corian – which can easily be purchased from a big box home store or from a smaller authorized Dupont dealer on average currently costs less that $40 per square foot – about half the cost of granite.

Great for an Outdoor Kitchen – One of the big trends in home improvement over the last few years has been the addition of an outdoor kitchen. Any outdoor kitchen needs good counter tops but the environment presents special challenges that some counter top materials just cannot meet.

The Disadvantages of Corian Counter Tops

Like any other counter top material Corian does have its disadvantages that homeowners will need to keep in mind as they choose between counter top material options:

Lack of Heat Resistance – Although Corian is pretty durable it can be damaged if hot items are set directly down upon it, leaving scorch marks that can be hard to remove. It also should not be used for direct cutting as it can be fairly easily scratched by such actions. Small scratches can be removed by gentle sanding but deeper marks may end up being permanent.

Not So Eco Friendly – Going green is a big issue these days and as standard Corian is comprised mainly of plastic then it may not be the greenest option out there. Dupont are making efforts to green their line though with a newly released line of Corian called Terra which is made using post consumer recycled plastic and is actually LEED certified. The trade off though is that it is $10-$15 more expensive per square foot than other offerings in the Corian line.

All in all if a homeowner is looking for a good looking, fairly durable counter top option that is very versatile in terms of design but is still very affordable then Corian counter tops are a great choice well worth considering.