There are a number of reasons why storing your bicycle outside in the backyard is simply not a good idea. The first is a very obvious one – bikes are a real target for thieves as they are easy to take, even if they have a lock on and they are easy to sell as a bike is not as easily traceable back to it’s owner as a car is. There is also the issue of keeping your bike in great rideable condition. Storing a bike outside leaves it susceptible to rusting which can really impact its performance, especially when it comes to essential elements like the chain and the brake mechanisms. Bike storage racks for garage use make far more sense than outside storage and purchasing one is less expensive than you might think.

Types of Bike Storage Racks for Garage Use

There are several different kinds of bike storage racks that are designed for use in the average residential garage and which you choose will really depend upon how many bikes you have to store and how much space you have to do it in.

If you have a small garage and not too much space to spare the the type of bike storage rack that attaches to the wall might be the best solution. These racks are small and simple (they only take about 10 minutes to install from start to finish) and can usually be purchased for under $60.

If you have more than two bikes to store and do not want to cover your garage walls in bicycles there are other alternatives that you can consider. Stackable bike storage racks do take up some floor space but as you can stack two bikes in the space that one would take up such a rack is still a space saver.

If there are a number of bikes in the household – which is often the case for families then a freestanding bike storage rack may be the best answer. These racks resemble the ones you might remember from school and can store multiple bikes of different sizes at one time. Alternately you can opt for a multipurpose ceiling mounted rack that can be used to store all kinds of things as well as bikes. These are more expensive and you may need a hand from a good tradesman to fit it, but the difference in can make in terms of organization is immense. 

Where to Buy Bike Storage Racks for Garage Use

If you want to go out right away and buy a bike storage rack you can assemble this afternoon then the best place to look would be a specialist bicycle store or a sporting goods store. If you have a little more patience then you may want to save some money by shopping for a bike storage rack online. Not only are there websites that specialize in bicycle accessories of all kinds including bike storage racks but you can also find some rather good deals – and a wide selection – on bigger sites like Amazon and eBay.

If you do decide to purchase a bike storage rack online when you are doing price comparisons do not forget to factor in the shipping costs. Saving $25 over the store price by purchasing online might sound great but if you have to pay $15 shipping it may not be such a good deal!