The average dorm room is not usually a very exciting place to look at when you first bring your belongings in. Little more than a box in most cases, home sweet home is usually not quite what it is at all. And although you are rather limited in what you can do to change that fact by school or university  regulations as well as sheer lack of space there are some dorm room ideas you can make use of to create a space that is a nicer place to live. Here are a few of them:

Dorm Room Ideas:Choose a Great Looking Bed Set – A great dorm room look starts with a great set of bed linens. If you are one of the many people who will be assigned to share a dorm room with a roommate it is better not to go too outrageous in terms of style and color as you will have to try to match your choices, at least to a certain degree with someone else’s.

Fortunately there are a lot of great bed sets out there that can be found in matching solid colors that also include all the bedding elements you will need, from sheets to pillowcases to comforters. the best choices are those that are also easy to take care of. Materials like natural cotton and microfiber are excellent options that are soft to the touch, easy to launder and durable enough to look good for a whole school year.

Dorm Room Ideas:Stylish Storage – Storage space is usually at something of a premium in the average dorm room. Underbed storage boxes are always an excellent idea, just choose those that are made from sturdy thick cardboard or plastic for durability. Hanging storage is a big help to. Specially designed hangers can be found that hold five times as many clothes as regular hangers because they store vertically and such things also make keeping a small closet – something that dorm rooms usually feature – looking neater as well.

Dorm Room Ideas: Great Wall Decor – You may not be allowed to paint your walls to add color and style to your space but by adding a stylish poster you can do so almost instantly. Again though you may have to stick to something rather conservative if you have a room mate you are not too familiar with yet but simple ideas like a colorful world map are always a good choice.

When hanging your wall decor opt for reusable wall glue squares rather than pins to avoid damaging the walls (something that may result in extra charges) and also to make it easier to remove your art and take it home at the end of the school year.

Dorm Room Ideas: Functional Extras – Every dorm room benefits from at least a few extra appliances. A microwave is always very handy and you can usually purchase a simple black or white model, which will match well with any decor, for less than $100. Stainless steel models are also excellent choices from an aesthetic point of view but they do cost more and require a little extra cleaning care.

One way that you can easily add style and function to any room is to add a small dorm refrigerator into the mix as well. You can find special models that are specially themed – the retro Coca Cola range of dorm fridges are our favorites. Some even look like old-fashioned grocery store coolers!