If you are considering kitchen cabinet refacing as an alternative to kitchen cabinet replacement to upgrade the look of your kitchen space then design is a very important consideration and in fact kitchen cabinet refacing design is not something to be taken lightly. The challenge for many homeowners though is that seeing replacement doors and drawer fronts in a showroom is great but trying to determine if a certain choice would actually look good in your kitchen can be a tough call.

Using a Virtual Tool to Help You Compare Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Design Options

Thanks to the Internet it is now quite possible for homeowners who are considering kitchen cabinet refacing as a way to improve their home can “try out” various design options in a virtual environment to help them determine just what kinds of looks and features would suit their unique kitchen.

Some of the tools present you with a basic kitchen layout and leave you to choose the one that best resembles yours but there are a few, usually offered by cabinet refacing companies themselves, that let you upload an image of your actual kitchen to “try out” new looks on.

Almost all of these virtual design tools allow you to select a number of different design elements to put together a complete cabinet refacing look. These include:

Cabinet Door Style – Every replacement kitchen cabinet door has certain features that make it unique. Common styling choices include choosing what kind of design you want your doors to have – raised, recessed or slabbed are popular choices – and in what kind of “pattern” you want these cuts to be made.

Cabinet Door Color – Many cabinet refacing options come in a number of different color options. Using a virtual design tool you can get a rough (if not perfect) idea about how each different color option would affect the overall look of the space as a whole. For example darker colors tend to work best in larger kitchen spaces as they can make a smaller kitchen look, and even feel, tinier than it really is.

Drawer Front Style – If you will be replacing your cabinet fronts then you will of course also need to replace your drawer fronts as well. Again you will be faced with options to choose from and a virtual tool can help you envisage just what a particular option may look like.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Design – Going Custom

There is another alternative for those considering kitchen cabinet refacing when it comes to design – opting for a custom design that is created just for your unique kitchen by a professional craftsman. This is of course going to be more expensive than choosing a stock option but it is the very best way to get exactly the look you want and it is still usually a more affordable choice than opting to have all the cabinets in your kitchen removed and replaced altogether, even if you are considering stock cabinetry.