A fire pit can be a great addition to the average back yard, both for practical and decorative purposes. One of the great uses you can put a fire pit to is to prepare some rather delicious food. The one thing that may surprise you is that not only can you whip up an impressive menu to offer at a formal outdoor gathering but you can also use your fire pit to create some family friendly favourites that will be popular every day of the week. Many of the dishes do not take too long to prepare and they taste so much better than food prepared in the microwave. Here are a few great ideas to help you get started with cooking on your fire pit: 
Shiskabobs are a fire pit cookery favorite that can literally be adapted to suit any taste. All you need are long skewers, a fire pit grilling grate and your favorite ingredients. Some of our favorites include: 
 ● Cubed chicken breast, pork or turkey 
● Cubed beef, lamb or veal 
 ● Large shrimp 
 ● Onions
● Mushrooms (portabella grill best) 
 ● Whole baby potatoes 
 ● Squash 
● Cherry tomatoes 
The best thing about shiskabobs is that everyone can build their own, adding only the elements that they like (great for picky eaters) Many of these ingredients cook rather quickly so do keep your eye on them to avoid over cooking. 
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Quesadillas 
A good quality grilling basket with a nice long handle is really a must have for any budding fire pit chef. They are not very expensive (about $25-30 for a good one) and allow you to cook all kinds of harder to handle food on the grill. One thing that they cook very well that most kids will love are grilled cheese sandwiches. 
All you need to do is prepare the bread and cheese in the same way you would if you were cooking inside, slot it into the grilling tool and then give it just a few minutes over the fire. The taste is wonderful, much better than a traditionally cooked sandwich and you can add other elements like ham for a little bit of a twist. 
Another great meal that you can whip up with the grilling basket are quesadillas. Once built to your liking they only need to be cooked over the fire for a few minutes, just long enough so the cheese is nice and bubbly. if you are cooking for a number of people you can cut them into smaller slices and serve them as finger food appetizers. 
Grilled Fruit 
Getting picky kids (and adults) to eat fruit at all can be quite a challenge. when fruit is grilled however it takes on a whole new taste and tends to go down easier. All kinds of fruit can be grilled but one favorite that lends itself to fire pit cooking very well is pineapple. Sprinkle pineapple slices or fresh pineapple chunks with cinnamon and then grill them until they develop a nice deep color. They make a great side dish for savory meals and as a dessert with cream they are fabulous. 
Who could own a fire pit and not cook a few smores occasionally? Sure you can make them in the microwave these days but somehow nothing beats the taste of a marshmallow roasted over an open flame! To make smores with a bit of a twist try substituting plain graham crackers for ginger snaps or swap milk chocolate for white chocolate.