If you, like many people, believe that pink is a colour that should never be used in a home decor scheme for anything other than a baby’s nursery or a little girl’s bedroom then it might be time for you to think again. While it is certainly true that if you use pink in the wrong way it can be very extreme, rather jarring and look tacky and juvenile. However, there are also ways that you can add a shot of pink to your home decor scheme that are modern, sophisticated and yes, even quite mature.

Setting the Room Temperature

Almost all home decor color schemes can be classified as either cool or warm and pink can actually play a large part in either. For a warm and welcoming look you could mix a rosy pink with a warm brown for a very striking and modern look. To go for a cooler vibe a lighter pink with grey, light greens, yellows and creams.

The Subtle Use of Pink

Some homeowners are afraid that too much pink will overwhelm them, so they avoid using it all in their home decor scheme. If that applies to you and yet the idea still kind of appeals to you try adding pink in small doses. If you have a contemporary home decor scheme that is rather neutral – a lot of blacks, whites and beiges perhaps – then small touches like pink chair pillows, a pink vase or even just a pink framed print can all add a shot of beautiful color that will stand out without becoming ‘too much’.

Add Elegance

Most people think that the use of pink in the bedroom is reserved for decorating for a younger girl, at most a precocious teen. However pink can be a very sophisticated look for the bedroom. For example, pairing pink with muted golds and silvers creates a look is as elegant and mature as any other. A blush pink is a great choice here as it adds depth without being too bright.

Lighter, more translucent pinks are also a huge element of the endearingly popular shabby chic decor style and a washed out, distressed pink dresser or chair can be a wonderful addition to a room styled in this very romantic way.

Getting Bold

Is there ever an instance when you can use a hot pink in any element of home decor and actually end up with something that looks stylish rather than tacky? If you like bold color then the answer may very well be yes. A nice bright pink paired with black is a very strong look but if you use it in a neutrally finished room that other wise has very few prominent colors then the effect can also be stunningly chic. If a very bright pink is a little too much for you you could try a raspberry or fuchsia shade instead. The visual impact will be very similar, just not quite as shocking.

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