A garden space can benefit from a little accessorizing every bit as much as the interior can. When it comes to modern outdoor spaces though in order to avoid making everything a little too kitsch and boring forget about garden gnomes or angel shaped water fountains and try one of these easy to execute but very inexpensive garden decor ideas instead.

The Ladder Planter

Have an old wooden ladder hanging around somewhere? One that may not be too safe for actual use any longer but still has most of its pieces in place? If the answer is yes, or you can find one inexpensively at local home store then you can use it to create this rather eye-catching Ladder Planter. The simple addition of a few potted blooms nestled away in wicker baskets (the kind you can find easily at the local thrift store or even a car boot sale) creates a garden ornament that is as simple as it is stunning to behold.


Add Artificial Colour

Who says that fencing has to be white and planters have to be brown? By simply sprucing things up a bit with some brightly colored paint you can add extra colour to your garden space that will allow it to remain visually interesting even when the blooms have all faded away in the winter.



Yard Ornaments


Yard ornaments sometimes get a bit of a bad rap (think the aforementioned gnomes especially) but these DIY versions, created from odds and ends found in a charity shop, are an attractive exception. And how ingenious is that kettle fountain? 






Lighting on the Cheap


Wiring up mains powered outdoor lighting can be expensive and you are often limited in where it can be placed. Solar garden lighting can be a good alternative, but it is not exactly cheap either. This set up, which consists simply of old jam jars, a little decorative gravel and a few tealight candles, is however, and can add a lovely, shabby chic like vibe to an outdoor space.

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