DIY and home improvement can be both expensive and time consuming, two reasons why many people put such tasks off for as long as possible. There are some simple things you can do that are not like this at all though and at most will cost you a few dollars and a day or so of your time. Here are just a few ideas:

Wake up a Tired Living Room

If your living room is looking rather drab and boring but the idea of painting or wallpapering is not one that appeals to you right now you can enliven a room simply by adding some colorful new rugs and/or throw cushions. If you are not sure about a colour scheme have a look in your wardrobe. What colors do you wear most? Chances are that if you enjoy wearing certain shades you will be more than happy living with them too.

guest room

Prettify Your Guest Room

Last minute guests have invited themselves over and the guest room in your home hasn’t been used since last year. It looks cold, boring and certainly not very inviting. No worries. By adding a bright and cheerful bed cover (over some clean sheets of course) and some big oversized pillows, a vase of flowers and a stack of books and magazines you can make the place feel far more inviting in just a matter of minutes.

duct tape

The Duct Tape Designer

Duct tape and gaffer tape is some of the handiest stuff in the world, but thanks to the fact that it now comes in all kinds of different colours and patterns you can actually use the stuff to add some last minute design details to a boring room. Spend a little time with a ruler, a sharp cutting blade and a few rolls of coloured tape and you can create some really rather impressive wall treatments quickly and very inexpensively.



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