Although many newer homes are very efficient and boast all the latest mod cons the one thing that many of them can also be is rather stark, boring and lacking i the character that an older home might have, especially when it comes to the walls, that are often simply whitewashed o the completion of construction.

Changing the visual profile of these walls is a very effective way of lending them the character that they lack. Here are a few ideas, ideas that go beyond simply changing the colour of the paint, to inspire those with less than appealing walls in any room:

Picture Framing

This is the term given to the practice off adding thin strips of molding to a plain wall to give an illusion of paneling. As is the case in this room pictured above,  the ‘frame’ sizes should be varied to compliment the various aspects of the room.

Bathroom wainscotting

Tile Wainscoting

In this bathroom the idea of traditional wainscoting has been applied, but using ceramic tile instead of the more common wood, plastic or MDF. This means that the often abused lower half of the bathroom wall is protected while also being a cinch to clean and the visual effect is one that is rather evocative of an old fashioned cottage style space rather than a plain modern one.

Bold Prints

This all white kitchen was transformed into a fascinating and eye-catching work of art simply by allowing the walls to take


centre stage, adding a bold, graphic wallpaper that has a stunning impact.

feature wall

Feature Walls

If the thought of four boldly coloured walls is a little too much for you why not opt to create a feature wall instead. The pattern used in this nursery is fun and adds character but it also creates an elegant look that will easily grow with the child who occupies it.



Wood Paneling

Mention wood paneling to some people and they have terrible flashbacks to the dark, rather naff faux wood interiors of the


Seventies. Wood paneling in the 21st century has evolved beyond that though. Here, for example, wood paneling has been used to create a look that is both ultra modern and ultra luxe.