Interior decor trends really do come but there is one that has remained popular since the nineteen eighties and continues to be one of the hottest – shabby chic. Shabby chic celebrates everything that is not modern and sterile, created by using older looking (but not necessarily old) ,distressed items to create a kind of classic Bohemian style look  that homeowners can make completely their own.  

Shabby Chic’s Roots

Shabby chic actually first became somewhat popular in Britain just after the end of the Second World War. The style was for the most part  inspired by the furnishings found in many of the country’s old stately homes. Many of the owners of these homes although still members of the gentry had fallen on harder times and all of their furnishings, although still very beautiful, had been allowed to fade and age.

In terms of popularity as an interior design style though it wasn’t until the 1980s that shabby chic really began to come into its own,not just in the UK but all over the world. Since then shabby chic has continued to grow in popularity and it has moved out of the home as well. The term shabby chic is now also applied to clothing and shabby chic themed weddings are a big trend amongst today’s brides to be.

Shabby Chic for Your Home

Shabby chic furniture, if it is genuinely antique or not is usually paler in colour. White and beige are often the dominant look but pale pinks, blues, greens and other neutral pastels tend to play a large part in the overall look as well. Newer furniture is often pained with several layers of paint and then deliberately distressed for an antique look.

The most important elements of shabby chic decor are the accessories though. From vintage inspired bathroom storage racks and distressed kitchen shelving to pretty floral center pieces and romantic tea lights shabby chic accessories add the finishing touches to any look.

The shabby chic look may not be for everyone but for those who love a little romance and elegance while still having the ability to create a look for their home that is uniquely theirs it is an option well worth further exploration! For a little extra inspiration check out our gallery below.