With so many options for kitchen countertops to choose from these days how can you possibly decide which is right option for you to use in your kitchen remodel? And should you try to install them yourself (after all it looks easy on those home shows) or call in a professional kitchen counter top installer to get the job done?

Modern kitchen counter tops come in a myriad of different materials, colors, shapes and sizes. Prices vary just as much, ranging from as little as $10 per square foot for basic laminate counter tops to hundreds of dollars per square foot for the higher quality stone countertop options.

In any busy kitchen, the counter tops you choose have to be able to stand up to a fair amount of wear and tear. Even if you only cooking specialty is heating up microwave dinners and take out there are still bound to be unexpected spills and accidents. How much use you make of your kitchen may be one of the deciding factors when choosing the right kitchen counter tops for your home.

Then there is that age old dilemma – do it yourself or call in the pros? If you are installing new kitchen countertops as a standalone project and you have a certain amount of expertise in home renovation you may be tempted to try and go it alone, perhaps with the help of some of those videos you found on You Tube or by watching that young man in the designer suit on TV who installed an entire granite counter top before dinnertime.

What these shows and videos do not demonstrate though is what happens when things go wrong. For instance, a homeowner has just bought the perfect granite countertops at their local home store for a price that could hardly be described as bargain basement but they are beautiful and granite is a sturdy material that can stand up to all manner of kitchen tasks. The counter tops are delivered by the home store employees and placed in the kitchen, ready for the eager DIYer to swing into action.

A few hours (or more likely days) later, after watching hundreds of five minute installation videos Mr. (or Ms) Fix it believes they are ready to begin. With the aid of a friend they lift the first section of counter top, find it to be a little heavier than they imagined and it slips out of their hands and crashes to the floor. Granite is relatively tough but it stills chips, cracks and even breaks when dropped.

This is just one scenario. How about cutting those counter tops to size, getting around that strange angle that you had not realized would be so tricky? It all looked so much easier on TV.

Kitchen counter tops need to be functional, well fitted and attractive to look at. Whatever kind of counter top you eventually decide to buy for your kitchen spending the extra money to hire a professional kitchen countertop installer will pay off. The job will be finished in a reasonable amount of time and the end result will be the beautiful kitchen makeover you envisioned when you began watching those programs in the first place.