Most people would agree that a beautiful hardwood floor (or floors) make a wonderful addition to any home, both from a visual standpoint and in terms of increasing the perceived value of the property. Once you have made the decision to have hardwood flooring installed in your home there is another big decision to make; just what kind of wood do you want?

Woods commonly used to create beautiful hardwood flooring does not only differ visually though, they all have slightly different physical properties as well. Here is a little information about the properties of some of the most popular types of hardwood flooring.

White Oak – White oak has a clean, dramatically modern appearance that is perfect for flooring use in a home that boasts a more contemporary decor. It is characterized by its long grain and rather dynamic natural curls and swirls and despite its generally light colour is rather easy to clean and maintain and is also surprisingly durable.

Black Walnut – If you want your new hardwood floor to add drama and character to an otherwise rather bland room, then black walnut is certainly an option worth giving a second look. Often it features deep, almost purple swirls of rich colour that make a very bold design statement. And although it is not quite as dent resistant as oak black walnut is still a rather durable option as well.

Cherry – The warmth of cherry wood floor lends itself beautifully to any decor scheme, from the most modern to the very traditional. Its smooth,  almost satin like finish gives it a rather expensive and luxurious air, and its red and orange tones are instantly welcoming and even cheery. This type of hardwood can be softer than others but provided it is finished correctly by your flooring installation expert then it should last as long as any other hardwood flooring choice.

Maple – For a busy household that sees a lot of foot traffic maple may be the most practical hardwood flooring option. It is strong and durable, easily able to withstand any punishment it has to take from kids and pets and as it can range in colour from the pale brown of the sapwood to the deeper reddish colour of the heart wood it is also a very versatile option visually.

These are just a few of the hardwood types that homeowners can choose from, there are many others, all of them having one thing in common; when properly installed and then well cared for any of them will improve book the look and function of your home for decades to come.