What do you think that visitors to your home really think once they walk through the front door? Are they wowed or totally underwhelmed? Does the all important entrance to your home – in the form of your hallway or foyer – match up to the rest of the decor in your home or does it let you down?

The fact is that all too often homeowners spend an awful lot of time and money getting the decor and function of the rooms in their home just right but then allow the entranceway to become a dimly lit chaotic muddle of coats and boots. They mean to do something about it but just never quite get around to it..

However, actually sprucing up your foyer, hallway or front entrance is far easier than you think. Here are three things you can do in a single afternoon that can help transform the entrance to your home from drab to fab.

Kill the Clutter


Even if you lack a great storage cupboard in your hallway there really is no excuse to allow clutter to remain unchecked. The simple addition of a storage bench will actually serve two great purposes – give you a place to store all kinds of things while also adding a little extra function to the space by giving people a place to sit to take shoes and coats on and off.

Pick a Theme


The chances are that your home has something of a theme to its overall decor, does your hallway compliment that theme or clash with it? If the latter is the case move an element or two from the other rooms into the space – even if it just a lamp, small chair or knick knack – to help tie it to the rest of the home visually.

Lighten Up

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One of the biggest problems that many hallways and foyers suffer from is a simple lack of good lighting. Walking down some hallways feels like entering some kind of creepy castle rather than entering an elegant residence, even if the rooms that lead off from it are the most beautiful imaginable.

Wall lighting is a relatively easy way to add great extra lighting to a hallway space. There are all kinds of great options out there, from the very traditional to the ultra modern and such things are relatively straightforward to install and inexpensive to purchase.