The idea behind a bathroom remodel – or even a bathroom addition – is that it not only improves the function of the space but its appearance as well. As the shower is such an important part of any bathroom it is certainly one of the elements that is probably due for an overhaul bit before you simply replace old fixtures for new, or have your current shower simply re-tiled consider some of these great alternatives that are as functional a they are beautiful.

The Walk in Shower

walk in shower

In a roomier bathroom a walk in shower can completely change the way the space feels as well as how it looks. As long as you are working with an experienced bathroom remodeling specialist such spaces will be every bit as functional and water tight as a standard shower and the open, airy look can be stunning. A walk in shower is also worth considering from an accessibility point of view as well.

The Corner Shower

corner shower

Many people with a smaller bathroom space opt for a tub/shower combination simply because they believe that they do not have the square footage to accommodate the two separately. A corner shower like this one however takes up surprisingly little space and the glass doors means that occupants won’t feel trapped or claustrophobic in anyway.

The Frameless Shower Enclosure

frameless shower enclosure

Another great way to add the illusion of space to a smaller bathroom space is to opt for a frameless shower enclosure. Here a shower area has been redone in a classic subway tile that is then showcased beautifully by the glass door creating a modern/vintage hybrid that is simply stunning.

The Attic Shower

The attic shower

Although not as common as the basement remodel under the right set of circumstances an attic remodel can be just as beautiful. Here a bathroom addition, complete with glass doored shower has made the most of the slope of the roof and the concept of an extra bathroom has been taken to another level!

The Closet Bathroom

closet bathroom

Believe it or not this clever guest bathroom was actually created in a converted closet! A shower was slotted in in the most creative of ways and the use of white tile throughout instantly makes the space appear far more spacious than it really is.