For those even considering a basement remodel there are lots of uses that they can choose from when it comes to the uses of the actual finished space. A home office, a casual den, a basement bar and an increasingly popular choice among homeowners, a basement kitchen.

Why Add a Basement Kitchen?

As almost every home already has a kitchen why would people then choose to use what is essentially reclaimed space within their home to create another one? For many it is so that they can have the kind of multipurpose space they would love – the kind that accommodates food prep, dining and even a social aspect but cannot because their current kitchen is dimply too small.

If a homeowner has a walk out basement a below grade kitchen becomes even more useful as it can become a semi outdoor kitchen (another hot trend) that is great for warm weather use but still sheltered from the elements.

derek jeter kitchen

The kitchen above is a great example. It actually belongs to New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter and is a part of the palatial home he had built in Tampa, Florida. Obviously the home has a large kitchen on an upper level but this space allows for outdoor entertaining while still providing a space to shelter from the Florida rains which are a very common occurrence even at the height of the summer.

The Extra Challenges of a Basement Kitchen Remodel

As there is so much square footage available in a basement space in many ways the actual kitchen design possibilities are huge. There are however some additional considerations that have to be kept in mind when implementing this kind of project which is why it is so important that you choose to work with a contractor who has extensive, demonstrable experience.

For example, it really does not matter where you live, a basement space is always going to be prone to damp and even flooding simply because it is at below grade level. Far too people have spent a considerable amount of time and money ‘fixing up’ or ‘finishing’ their basements as living spaces only to see them ruined and unusable within just a few months as the damp creeps simply because it was never properly waterproofed. Therefore, before anything else happens professional waterproofing of the basement space is a must.

A basement kitchen will also call for more work from electricians and plumbers to help ensure it has the functionality the homeowner is looking for. It will also be important that the ventilation is of the highest possible quality to avoid the problems that cooking in an enclosed, underground space definitely presents.

living space basemnt kitchen

Adding a second kitchen is certainly not the easiest – or the most inexpensive – of basement remodeling options, but it is really is one that is well worth considering. Whether you plan to have a fabulous an entertaining kitchen a la Mr Jeter or a smaller, more practical affair that forms part of a studio style living space lke the one above (great for families with grown up children flying back to the nest) a basement kitchen remodel really can be the best way to add style, function and value to your home without knocking down too many walls or going through the even bigger expense and inconvenience of a full home addition.