Staircases are one of those spaces in many homes that tend to get very little attention in the decorating department, at least compared to the rest of the home. This is actually a great shame as it is, in many homes, a great blank canvas that you can do a great deal with surprisingly easily. Have a staircase that is looking a little bare? Here are just a few ideas to consider:

A Modern Family Gallery

Colorful Family Gallery

The idea of lining the walls of a staircase wall space with family photos is far from new, but by tweaking things a little you can create a family photo gallery that looks modern, fresh and not at all cluttered.

In this example black and white prints (you can adjust color photos using a filter software) lend an elegant and gallery like quality to pictures and the colorful matte frames have a modern flair that prevents the idea of the grouping of pictures from looking too old fashioned. The matching runner? Not a runner at all, but instead a painted stripe on a refinished wooden staircase.

Lighten Things Up

Mirror gallery

Another common trait of staircase spaces is that they do tend to be a little on the dim side. You can however kill two birds with one stone – adding light and visual interest – by creating a slightly eclectic mirror gallery like this one. You do not need to spend a fortune on the mirrors themselves as you are likely to find that the best examples can actually be had at ops shops and flea markets for just a few dollars a piece.

Replace the Bannisters

Replacement Bannister

Admittedly you may need the help of a good tradesman for this one but the relatively inexpensive home improvement tweak of replacing plain bannisters with a more ornate and decorative optio can truly change the face of your whole hallway and staircase space. In this example a plain wooden bannister was replaced with a wrought iron version to great effect.

Get Crafty

decorated stairs

Ripping up the carpet and refinishing your stairs to a plain state leaves you with the most amazing blank canvas and an opportunity to get really, really crafty. In this example stencils and bright yellow and white paints were used to create this very striking look in what was previously a very boring space in an apartment. The idea however can be translated in almost way you like, all you really need is some good paint, the right brushes, some free time and a little imagination.