You would love a great quality Oriental rug. You look at the all the time in those glossy home decor magazines and by now you have long picked out just the right spot for one. But can you really afford one?

There is no doubt that a good Oriental rug will cost considerably more than a mass produced modern rug from a home store. But there are ways you can get the Oriental rug you want for a little less without having to resort to a cheap knockoff. Here are some suggestions:

Shop in the ‘Off Season’

Usually the Oriental rug industry, and its pricing structure, roughly follows the home sales cycle. To be clearer, most people move in the Spring and Summer, so it is at those times that rug sales tend to increase. The warmer months are also the time when people tend to remodel and renovate their existing homes, something that once again will result in a spike in Oriental rug sales. What the means is that during the ‘off season’ winter months you are more likely to be able to score a bargain.

Look for a Lower Knot Count

One of the ways that the value of an Oriental rug is calculated is by its knot count. Generally, the higher the knot count, the more valuable the rug. There are some very high quality Oriental rug types, Kilims and Chobi Ziegler rugs for example, are, by design, Oriental rugs with a lower knot count and yet they are still very beautiful and still considered to be high quality offerings (as long as the knots were made by hand) This does mean that they command a lower price, making them a good, more affordable choice but still a good investment.

Shop Online

Some Oriental rug dealers, facing higher store maintenance costs, have moved the majority (and in some cases all) of their operations online. This has reduced their overheads and operating costs and allows them to pass the savings on to the consumer.

You do need to do your research before buying a rug online. A good online Oriental rug dealer will have a number you can call to actually speak to a ‘person’, and they will also be able to offer both testimonials and, possibly most importantly, a money back guarantee that will allow you to return the rug easily if it turns out not to be quite what you had in mind.