Actually remodeling any space in your home as opposed to just redecorating can be an expensive prospect and for that reason it is one that a lot of people delay and delay until they feel that they can really afford to make the home improvements they feel their home needs.

There are though some home remodeling projects that can be undertaken for far less than you might imagine by using a little imagination and changing the way you look at tacking the projects at hand. Here are just a few ideas:

Problem: Your very dark bathroom has only very tiny windows. You would love to add the kind of big windows that would bring more natural light flooding in, but the expense of knocking out a wall and adding a new window is just more than you can afford.


Solution: Suntubes. Suntubes are literally long tubes that fit between roof rafters and the ceiling and natural light literally floods down through them. Most of the sun tube kits that you can buy are simple enough that someone with even a little DIY savvy can install them themselves and kits can cost $100 or even less, which is a lot less than the previous plan would have cost.

Problem: You have no room to store anything in your kitchen. You have the outdoor space to extend the kitchen by a foot or so and install new cabinets but the project is so involved the cost would run into the thousands and take quite a while to complete.


Solution: Rethink the way your current kitchen works. Refitting your kitchen cabinets can be one way to increase the storage space and the overall efficiency of your kitchen. Doing things like replacing space stealing shelves with cabinet–height pullout drawers that contain racks for canned goods and adding storage to the doors themselves are things that can make a huge difference and it will cost an awful lot less.

Problem: You would love to replace your raggedy old carpets with a beautiful hardwood floor but even the cost of a laminate lookalike is out of your current budget.


Solution: Vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring in the 21st century century is pretty amazing stuff. You can find it in styles that mimic hardwood almost perfectly and it has all the advantages that it is far easier to care for than hardwood, installs quickly, costs a great deal less and can withstand things like pet accidents and water spills that can ruin a hardwood floor for good.

You don’t have to stick with hardwood if you choose vinyl either. There are some great options that mimic things like natural slate or palazzo tile – the beautiful red clay ceramic tiles you see in Mexican decor – very well too.

Problem: You have found the most amazing garden gazebo at the local home store that would be perfect for the sunny spot in your yard that looks so bare right now. The problem is that for it to function as the entertainment space you dream of it would need great lighting and power outlets and the cost of extending your homes wiring that far outside is more than your budget allows for.


Solution: This one is very simple – go solar. Solar lighting of all kinds has improved in leaps and bounds over the last several years and the new LED powered solar lighting options that are available are every bit as bright and attractive as electric lighting and given that they will never cost you a penny to run and they install in minutes then you will be able to really go to town and create the kind of lighting scheme you see in fancy design magazines. You can even buy solar chargers that have USB and regular power outlets.