Are you gearing up for another great summer around the backyard pool? If so, in addition to the big clean you might want to give your pool pump a second look. A great many pool pumps, however useful they might be are also very wasteful when it comes to energy
consumption. In some cases an older pool pump can consume as much power as all the other electrical appliances in a home put together! In fact just a single 1 1⁄2 speed pool pump can cost you up to $1100 a year to run!

Fortunately there is a more cost effective and eco friendly alternative available these days in the form of a variable speed pool pump. Using a variable speed pool pump can save you hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs, as a 2 speed variable speed pool pump costs around $600 a year to run, a savings of some $400!

Apart from the great energy savings they offer variable speed pool pumps offer other advantages over their more traditional counterparts as well. Here are just a few of those advantages explained:

More Eco Friendly: Using a lot of energy is not just expensive but it is rather eco unfriendly as well. By switching to a variable speed pool pump you will be saving money and helping the environment, something you can feel good about too.

More Durable: Variable speed pool pumps have a different motor than single speed pool pumps. Their motor tends to be more like that you would find in an electric car: a permanent magnet motor rather than the induction motor used in older pool pumps. Magnet motors tend to be more durable as they produce less heat and fewer vibrations, extending the useful life of the pump significantly.

Quiet Operation: The loud whirring and humming of a traditional pool pump is annoying to say the least. A variable speed pool pump is designed to be much quieter and therefore far less intrusive.

Technologically Advanced: Most variable speed pool pumps are capable of doing all kinds of wonderful things. They can be programmed at the touch of a button and they automatically adjust themselves to take into account the effects of various outside environmental factors such as a sudden drop in temperature or an electrical power surge.

Variable Speed Pool Pumps vs Two Speed Pool Pumps

If you ask certain dealers they will tell you that the newer two speed pool pumps are every bit as good as a programmable variable speed pool pump and that there is very little difference between the two. That is usually not quite the case though.

The difference is that with a two speed pump you have just that – two factory preset speeds, one slower, one faster. The pool owner has no way of changing those speeds if they turn out to not be very efficient for their particular pool. On the other hand a variable speed pool pumps allows for the individual programming of speed (some models can be programmed at up to 3,050 different speeds) and the water flow can be adjusted to your needs as well.

When it comes to energy efficiency two speed pumps are better than one but not by much in most cases. The speeds still cannot be varied so the opportunities for energy saving adjustments are limited. and finally, two speed pool pumps still feature those older, less efficient induction motors so they are unlikely to be as long lasting as their variable speed counterparts.