If you have a tile floor in your home the chances are good that your biggest frustration with it is grimy grout. In most cases it can seem to homeowners that no matter how often they clean their floor, however meticulous they are about it, that the grout somehow seems to get dirtier every week. It’s frustrating, it ruins the look of your otherwise great looking floor and for some it is such a headache that they begin to consider changing their flooring choices altogether.

Grout 101

If you have a tile floor you have to have grout, so it helps to understand a little about it. Although there are several different types available today, some of which claim to be able to resist dirt better than others, in order to be functional grout has to retain its rough porous nature, which is great for ensuring that the floor remains stable but not so great for its appearance.

One of the biggest enemies household grout has to face off against is the mop water that most people use to clean their tile floors. As grout is so porous it absorbs a great deal of the moisture left behind after a wet mop is passed over it just once and much of the dirt and debris sinks right into it.

Another problem with grout is that, because it is the lowest part of a tile floor, it does tend to harbor bacteria and eventually even mold. Spot cleaning can help to a certain extent, but the most efficient way of doing that, getting down on your hand and knees with a toothbrush, is back breaking stuff. And sadly all of your hard work is likely to be undone in just a few weeks.

Solving a Grimy Grout Problem

So is there really a solution to the problem, or is grimy grout something that you just have to live with if you opt for a tile floor? Not necessarily. The path to cleaner, better looking – and ultimately healthier for your home – grout is a professional cleaning and sealing process performed by a company offering tile cleaning.

Professional grout cleaning services are an excellent way to get your grimy grout restored to its original appearance (really, it is possible, even if the stains look dreadful). It can then be sealed to help reduce the amount of dirt the grout attracts and absorbs, making it far easier to keep clean.

Once grout has been professionally sealed in this manner it becomes as easy to clean as the tiles surrounding it, so as long as you follow basic tile floor maintenance advice you should have a tile floor, and grout, that looks great for years to come. And you can put your toothbrush back where it belongs, in the bathroom cabinet.