Pendant lighting and pendant lamps are a very popular addition to the lighting schemes in homes everywhere these days. And for many very good reasons. Pendant lighting, which usually consists of a single light that is suspended from the ceiling by a rod or a chain is hugely versatile. Pendant lights come in so many different shapes, sizes and shade colors that choosing the right ones can be something of a daunting task. However the effort is usually worth it as pendant lights are a great way to add task lighting while still enhancing the look of almost any space.

Still not sure if pendant lighting would work in your home? Here are some tips for using it effectively all over the home:

Pendant Lighting In the Kitchen

The kitchen is one location where the use of pendant lighting is very common. Pendant lighting adds the task lighting that is so important in any kitchen lighting scheme without taking up any extra space while still adding the kind of visual interest and impact that any kitchen will benefit from.

As so many kitchens are filled with stainless steel and very futuristic looking appliances contemporary, sleek looking pendant lights with simpler shades are often a great choice. For a very modern kitchen we love pendant lighting that has simply shaped shades in a light, frosted glass shades, suspended on a metal pole of some kind.

This kind of lighting will probably be a little to harsh in a country style kitchen though. Here you may want to consider pendant lighting that features faux Tiffany style shades that are warmer and cozier and will better compliment the richer decor.

If you have an eat in kitchen installing a pendant light over the dining table area is not only a good way to make sure that everyone has enough light available to actually see what they are eating without having to turn on harsh overhead lights but also to delineate the space, giving it an identity.

Pendant Lighting in the Bathroom

Interior design experts always say that the best lit rooms have a layered lighting scheme rather than just one central lighting source. This can be especially true in the bathroom where a lack of light – or a light that is too harsh and too bright – can actually affect the function of the space.

The best place to use pendant lights in a bathroom is above a bathtub itself. Large soaking tubs are all the rage these days and many new homes have these fitted as standard. Hanging a great pendant light over such a tub is a great way to highlight it as an attractive feature in the space as well as to illuminate it when it is in use.

Pendant Lighting Elsewhere

Pendant lighting can be used elsewhere in the home, but with care. Pendant lighting can be hard to use in a large space like a living room but as accent lights in the bedroom in place of a bedside lamp they can work very well.

The Best Way to Hang Pendant Lights

The most important thing is that pendant lamps do not interfere with either the use of the space below them or the people moving below them. Therefore it is very important that you know the floor to ceiling measurements of the room, or rooms, you want to illuminate before you begin shopping for pendant lighting.

When it comes to installing pendant lights most of them do come with fairly good instructions, but installing them will involve some minor electrical work. If you are not used to doing this then it might be better to call in an electrician to do the job for you, to avoid damage to your home or, more importantly, damage to yourself!

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