Every year, when Christmas is coming, we all head up to the loft to retrieve the fairy
lights for the Christmas tree, almost without thinking. However, fairy lights are so much
more than holiday decorations, especially if you choose eco-friendly, free to run solar fairy lights.

The first fairy lights appeared in the mid nineteenth century, and over the decades fairy lights have evolved from simple twinkling bulbs into an art form in themselves. Each decade brought new innovation and some of the fairy lights from days gone by have even become prized collector’s items. now solar fairy lights, most powered by bright, long lasting LED bulbs are the latest innovation in decorative lighting to take the world by storm.

How Do Solar Fairy Lights Work?

To look at solar fairy lights look just like any other festive lights but they work in a very different way. Instead of drawing their power from the mains electricity the draw their power from the sunlight. A small solar cell is attached to the string of solar fairy lights and then the energy from the sun is converted into power and stored in the special battery. Then, when the lights are switched on they can twinkle away for hours without ever costing a penny to run.

Do Solar Fairy Lights Work Indoors?

The one misconception that people have about solar lighting in general is that it cannot be used indoors. That however, is not actually the case. as long as you have a sunny window to place the charger in it can draw down all the power it needs. That means that you can use solar fairy lights to light up your Christmas tree in place of your usual, often troublesome mains powered festive lights.

Other Uses for Solar Fairy Lights

Fairy lights have become an accepted part of the interior decorating landscape. For a young girl’s room it is easy to see the appeal of fairy lights, they create the kind of magical atmosphere that girls long to escape to. However, fairy lights are moving out of the bedroom as well. Interior designers are making stunning use of them all over the house, as landscapers are in the garden and on decks and patios.

In fact, designers are even turning fairy lights into stunning ornaments and décor pieces suitable for use all over the home and they are becoming a decorating staple at weddings.

How Much Money Can You Save Switching to Solar Festive Lights?

By choosing solar lighting over more conventional options when it comes to decorative lights people save themselves more money than they might think. What many people do not realise it that if you have just a few strings of conventional fairy lights on your Christmas tree and you keep them on for eight hours a day, which lots of us usually do at holiday time, they use more power than the fridge in the kitchen does! That means that you really can save quite a lot of money by making the switch to solar!

Wondering what solar fairy lights look like compared to their traditional counterparts? Then check out the gallery below.