We’ve all seen them. Rooms that contain so many dark brown elements in too little space that they seem more like ominous caves than cozy retreats. There are though many ways you can use various shades of brown in your home décor that look stunning and really add to the space’s overall aesthetic appeal. The trick to doing so successfully though is knowing when enough is enough. Here are some tips for adding a splash or two of brown to your home décor scheme:

Analyze your Space – Before you ever pick up a paintbrush or pick out a rug or pair of drapes in a brown shade analyze the room itself. Large amounts of brown will only serve to make a small space feel even smaller as it will darken them, while larger rooms can probably stand brown being featured more prominently in the guise of larger pieces of furniture or entire walls covered in the shade.

Mix it Up – Decorating a room with brown does not have to mean you pick out a single muddy shade and then find ways to incorporate it throughout the space. When used correctly browns can add a real sense of warmth to a room and mixing a few shades of brown together can heighten that effect. Why not try pairing tan rugs with a larger contemporary brown sofa or one of the many modern brown rugs available these days with lighter colored furniture to give the room a bit of an “edge”.

Using Brown Accents – Often when contemporary décor is being discussed it is advised that you use elements of bright bold color as an accent in an otherwise neural room. Who is to say though that that color has to be a bright red or a bold blue. Brown can be a great highlight color, especially if used in rather small doses. The simple addition of a modern brown rug or a luxurious pair of brown drapes can add that splash of color you desire without being too overpowering.

Watch the Light – If you are going to be using brown in any part of your décor scheme it will always look better if the room is properly lit, especially since brown of any shade can fall very flat if there is no light around it.

Add Natural Elements to Your Decor as Well – Browns are very earthy shades so what better way to play up that fact than by the addition of a few natural elements in the form of a striking houseplant or an interesting tabletop water feature?