A big home improvement or remodeling project can, and usually does disrupt life for everyone in the household for a while and that of course includes your pets. And while you can explain to even the youngest kids just why all the upheaval is necessary, your pets are just not going to understand. All they will know is that there is an awful lot of banging and crashing and a bunch of strangers wandering around on their territory. That Fido or Fluffy will be rather disturbed by all this is only to be expected.

While you cannot sit your dog and cat down and give them the low down on your kitchen remodeling plans, there are some things you can do to make the remodeling process a little less stressful for your furry friends:

Send them on Vacation – If your home improvement project is only scheduled to last a few days the best solution may be to send your pets on vacation for the duration, Hopefully you have a friend or relative willing to pet sit for a few days or a good boarding kennel nearby. If there really is no place for your pets to go (or you really don’t want to part with them even for a short time) the next best solution is to confine them to an area of your home that is as far away from all the remodeling action as possible.

Keep Them Calm – Even if your pets are confine to another area of the home as suggested above chances are that they are still going to be able to hear all that strange banging and crashing and be disturbed by it. To minimize their stress give them their favorite toy or blanket and have someone look in on them every few hours just to reassure them everything is OK.

Keep Pets Out of the Way – Every pet has its own personality and its own way of reacting to strangers. While some animals may see the tradesmen in your home as a dangerous threat others may see them as brand new playmates. However your pets might react allowing them to roam the “construction zone” is not safe for them or the tradesman trying to get on with doing their work. When your remodelers are in the house keep pets away and after they leave at night make sure that there has been nothing left out (paints, glues etc) that could be harmful to your pets should they get a little too curious.